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Mirca, a beautiful picturesque village inhabited by olive growers and farmers is less than half hour’s walk away from the centre of Supetar. It was founded by the inhabitants of the nearby villages of Sutivan and Donji Humac in the 16th century.
The name Mirca comes from the Latin word murus, which means wall, and the interesting fact is how its name has changed according to cases in Croatian language. So the people from Mirca (the Mrčani) will say they are going to Mirca or that they have come from Mirac. Mirca is certain to enchant you with its simplicity and beautiful rural architecture, characteristic for little Dalmatian island villages. Walk through upper Mirca and you will wish you were the owner of one of the beautiful and quiet stone houses with their splendid views over the Brač Channel and the land in the distance.



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