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ISLAND BRAČ         

Area : 394 km- the bigest island of Dalmatia and the 3rd bigest island if Croatia.

Number of inhabitants: 12 thousand, in island there are  20 villages and some settlements.

Distance from Split: 7 miles

Transfer : connection by ferry Split – Supetar cca 50 minutes, connection by ferry Makarska – Sumartin cca 1 hour, flying connection is assure by the small international airport on the island, by charters and regular lines

Woods: 27% of surface is covered by woods – pinewood oak-trees, mountain ash and so on

The number of shiny-hours/day: 2 718, alongs with the island Hvar belongs Brač to the most shines places in Croatia.

Average temperature: 15,5 C

Highest hill of the island: Vidova Gora (778 m), at the same time it is the highest hill of Adriatic islands.

Capital: Supetar with cca 4 thousand of inhabitants.

Stone of Brač: the island is known because of the recovery of white marbel. From this marbel are built for example: the palave of Dioklecian in Split, the cathedral in Trogir and Šibenik,  the White-house in  Washington, Batty park in New Yorku, the monument of fascism in Addis Abebe, the Parliament and the castle in Wiena, the Parliament in Budapešt and a lot of another significant buildings all over the world.

The known stone-pits: the stone was surfaced already in the beginning of the 1st millenium A.D. in the village Pučišće in the stone-pit called Škrip.

Occupancy: in Neolithic, in the 15th century has the island 6 thousand of inhabitants, in the year  1900 it was  about 25 thousand.

The first in habitants : Ilirs

The designation of the island: perhaps the name has a very old ancestry – after a rich deer, which sceleton was found in the cave called Kopačini by the village Dolni Humac.

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